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MUTU System Annual Subscription Essity
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MUTU System Annual Subscription Essity
MUTU System Annual Subscription Essity × 1
$129.00 for 1 year with a 11-day free trial
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Highly Recommend MUTU I started MUTU about 9 weeks ago, when I was 7 weeks postpartum. One of my big reasons for signing up was to feel better about my body – stronger, fitter and “more normal”. After giving birth I felt like my body was a stranger to me. I’m now in Module 7 and am feeling so much better! My back pain has gone and I feel so much more comfortable in my body again. I’m still working on things but I’m celebrating that I’ve packed away all my maternity clothes now, and I can fit in my pre-pregnancy jeans!!! (only just 😜). Looking forward to seeing what else will happen in the next 6 modules!
Amy Hilaire
Best postpartum physical recovery Best postpartum physical recovery system at an amazing price. 3 months postpartum I paid almost 3x the annual cost of mutu to go to an in-person 6 week postpartum class (with a 3 month old in tow!) it just wasn’t enough and was so stressful trying to get there with my baby. Now I’m almost on year two with mutu and my body has recovered amazingly. My posture is even better - I’m not as hunched as I used to be. I feel strong and so grateful to have found mutu. I can do it regularly on my schedule in my home and see and feel results. It’s really helped me embrace being the woman motherhood makes of us!
My experience with mutu has been a…blessing My experience with mutu has been a blessing. My goal was to strengthen my pelvic floor and this course helped tremendously. I've learned a new skill,how my breathing and body should work together. I took my time, I adjusted little by little and feel more in tune with myself. I love love love this program and am so thankful for the people who put this together! Thank you 😊
Latricia Ipsen
I signed up to mutu in the early days after having two children. I was motivated to get my DR back together and the exercises worked. Now I use mutu for support with PF, strength, core and general stretching and moving. Slow and steady is always best and that's why I like it. Lots of advice on nutrition, posture, support and guidance. Easy to follow. Already recommended to friends. Love it.
Mrs Rachel Howson
Better than Advertised!! MUTU is one of the few workout/weight loss programs that is actually better than advertised! Not only did I recover from pregnancy/delivery, lose weight, and improve fitness, but I also developed a new set of functional movement skills, mindset habits that encourage a joyful life, and eating practices that nourish and heal my body. Every mama should get MUTU, no matter your age. It’s worth it!!
Claire Kirsch
Highly recommend to anyone suffering from DR I’m only halfway into my second week but I am loving the progress I’m seeing thus far. Videos are extremely helpful and easy to follow. Love the emails and support from Wendy and the other “Momma’s “ Highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from DR.
J Pereira

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